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Differential Holdback- Band Brok-P, Type

This unit is used for everything from coal mines and rock quarries to conveyors of the U.S. Postal Service. It is even used for reversal prevention in industrial fans.

This differential holdback is a rugged, foolproof, silent mechanism designed to prevent the reversal of an elevator or conveyor having an unbalanced load, due to the weight of material on the ascending side, or on pumps and fans when not in use. The slightest reverse motion of the shaft on which it is mounted will cause the hardback to function quickly, with a cushioning effect. Mount on headshaft of conveyors and elevators,

A protective housing is advisable where conditions are extremely dusty or where the hardback is exposed to weather. The housing is normally furnished with an opening on one.

Note: When replacing a unit manufactured by Link Belt / FMC, it is necessary to replace everything but the wheel.

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Ratchet Holdbacks Friction Type (Patented)

Friction type ratchet holdbacks or backstops operate silently at conveyor shaft speeds since the pawl never touches the ratchet except when the direction of the shaft rotation is reversed.

The pawl operating cradle, with its high center of gravity, instantly causes the pawl to engage with the ratchet when the shaft on which it is mounted tries to reverse. This cradle, resting on brake lining covered hubs, continuously maintains the pawl in a disengaged position when the shaft is rotating in the normal operating direction.

This backstop is designed for slow speed shafts and should be mounted on the conveyor head shaft. It is not recommended for bucket elevators.

IMPORTANT Pawl must be mounted on horizontal base.

When ordering, specify diameter of holdback, bore and keyseat.

NOTE:The Machine Shop will not knowingly sell or recommend a holdback for use on a ski lift or other conveyance that transports people.

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